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July, 2003 Update: Welcome to the website of the Foundation for Ethics and Meaning! Technical problems--including the sudden bankruptcy of our ISP--caused the website to be down the last month, and have prevented our updating it recently. We have now rectified the situation and have started to update the site soon with new content and information. There is so much to tell! Our various task forces have been working overtime on a host of activities, ranging from the impending war to the Admninistration's domestic policies, to building coalitions with other national groups, to sold-out media training programs. See below for articles by the New York Open Center's Ralph White on Legal Renewal, FEM founder Mark LeVine on his recent meetings with leading progressive Muslim activists and intellectuals from around the world, and Board Co-Chair's video-conferencing project. Also, Board member Rev. Ron Winley discusses his recent visit to Haiti in the context of the PoM philosophy.

As we update this site we urge you to contact us to find out the latest information, actions and meeting schedules around the country, or click here for some recent articles by FEM co-founder Mark LeVine on issues related to our programs and ideas. A new issue of Meaning Matters, featuring writings from other members of FEM, will be uploaded soon.

Who and What Are We?
The Foundation for Ethics and Meaning is a grass roots, 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. The Foundation's activities and research seek to challenge the present economic and cultural dominance of market driven hyper-consumption, and the worship of material wealth, power and celebrity, the political, spiritual and ethical apathy, and the ecological and human damage this worldview produces. Instead we work to encourage a holistic and community spirit of caring that promotes tolerance, justice, and reconciliation. Moving beyond outdated Left/liberal and Right/conservative paradigms, we work with numerous organizations and the public to develop a unified language that can offer both a sophisticated yet accessible critique of the current bottom line, and a coherent program for its transformation.
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Our Mission

From Hired Guns to Healers. Ralph White, founder of the New York Open Center and Editor of Lapis magazine discusses the importance and possibilities of renewal of the US legal system along PoM principles, with information for legal professionals wanting to become more involved in this central activity of the Foundation.

Click here for information and a report on the project, co-sponsored by FEM and WeTheWorld.org, Building Peace and Security in the 21st Century: A Teach-In/Speak-Out Videoconference Series and a request for experience and advice of the US movement. This is one of our most exciting projects and is being directed by FEM Co-Chair Rick Ulfik.

Conversations Within Islam. Mark LeVine reports on an incredible forum of leading young Islamist scholars and activists from around the world he organized in Budapest Hungary this past May, and plans for future events.

A Report on the Politics of Meaning Movement in the UK and a request for experience and advice of the US movement.

The Biannual FEM Retreat was a great success!!
Click here
for information about the retreat and the life-changing experience that were shared (as well as world-class vegetarian food and gorgeous scenery...)

From the Chair, the Task Force on Religion and Spirituality: Keeping the Faith

Click here to join our cyber community of meaning: the Politics of Meaning List Serve; the perfect way to find opinions and debate on issues in the news from a POM perspective. You don't need to type anything in the subject heading or body of the email. We are now archived, for those who would like to get background on existing conversations. Just go to http://igc.topica.com, search for "politics-of-meaning", and select "read list."

Meaning Matters Online
Featuring opinions by our Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and guest commentators on issues in the news.
Coming in March: The Board speaks out on the War on Terror, Enron, Palestine/Israel and other issues.

Report on our 2000 Conference
Featuring talks, discussions, and press about our historic May 2000 international conference, "Re-Imagining Politics and Society at the Millennium.
  The Tikkun Community Conference in NYC
Click here for a Report on the inspiring and ground-breaking event, and how you can participate in future activities!!

Spiritual Connections
Haiti: Free Regardless; Not all injustice is wrapped around 9/11...
Read an amazing report by Board member Rev. Ron Winley about his return to Haiti after more than three decades away from the country where his politics and spirituality were first joined together.

A New Foundation Partnership: We, The World
Click here for information on We, the World, a new organization founded by FEM Co-Chair Rick Ulfick that plans to build a continuing series of well-publicized international gatherings and other programs. We, The World intends to create something the world has not seen before - a large scale, ethics-driven movement that broadcasts the following message: A significant portion of humanity is becoming actively engaged in building a world in which every life matters.

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After you're done here, please visit the website of Tikkun magazine, where the Foundation was born, and where strategies for building a world based on love, social justice, ecological sustainability and connection to the unity of all being fill every issue.

About the artist: This site features the evocative and sensuous paintings of Syrian artist Hala El-Faysal, a friend of the Foundation.